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American Trucking Associations
Through a strong federation of state associations, affiliated conferences and individual members, ATA is committed to developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.
Website: www.trucking.org

The American Truck Historical Society
A society formed to preserve the history of trucks, the trucking industry and its pioneers.
Website: www.aths.org

The AutoCare Association
A network of independent manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers and retailers serving the auto care industry. 
Website: www.autocare.org

Canadian Truck Body Equipment Association
CTEA is an association serving the commercial vehicle manufacturers, their dealers, distributors, component manufacturers and service providers in the Canadian marketplace.
Website: www.ctea.on.ca

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
CVSA is a nonprofit association comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial and federal commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. The alliance aims to achieve uniformity, compatibility and reciprocity of commercial motor vehicle inspections and enforcement by certified inspectors dedicated to driver and vehicle safety.
Website: www.cvsa.org

Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network
CVSN is an association of independent parts and service aftermarket distributors serving the transportation industry.
Website: www.cvsn.org

Great American Trucking Show
The Great American Trucking Show (GATS) is a trucking convention with over 500,000 feet of exhibit space that happens in Dallas in August each year.
Website: www.gatsonline.com

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week
HDAW is a four-day, multi-faceted, executive business conference specifically tailored for the independent HD Distributors and their suppliers. 
Website: www.hdaw.org

HDDA: Heavy Duty
HDDA: Heavy Duty  is an association of members  who share a common interest in the heavy duty market and enable our members to make better business decisions through a series of reports and industry events. 
Website: www.hdda.org

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Canada
HDAC is the national trade association representing the Canadian heavy duty aftermarket industry.
Website: www.hdac.ca

Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association
HDMA is a source of advocacy and support for the people who make up the North American Heavy Duty Manufacturing Industry.
Website: www.hdma.org

International Truck Parts Assn. (ITPA)
Website: www.itpa.com

Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Assn. 

Website: www.mema.org

Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS)
Website: www.truckingshow.com

National Automobile Dealers Association
NADA is an association of new-car and new-truck dealers holding a sales and service franchise.
Website: www.nada.org

National Trailer Dealers Association
NTDA connecting the trailer industry throughout North America
Website: www.ntda.org

Spring Research Institute
SRI promotes and furthers the interests of manufacturers of automotive leaf springs and related products for the replacement trade in production, engineering, safety, transportation, distribution and other problems of the Industry.
Website: www.springresearch.org

Tire Industry Association
TIA is an international non-profit association representing all segments of the tire industry, including those that manufacture, repair, recycle, sell, service or use new or retreaded tires, and also those suppliers or individuals who furnish equipment, material or services to the industry. 
Website: www.tireindustry.org

Technology & Maintenance Council
The purpose of the Technology & Maintenance Council is to improve transport equipment, its maintenance and maintenance management.
Website: www.trucking.org/Technology_Council.aspx

Truck Renting and Leasing Association
TRALA is a voluntary, non-profit national trade association founded in 1978 to serve as a unified and focused voice for the truck renting and leasing industry.
Website: www.trala.org

Truck-frame & Axle Repair Association
To associate and band together in one association the members of the Truck-frame and Axle repair industry in pursuit of the common purpose of mutual benefit and assistance to its members and the general public.
Website: www.taraassociation.com

Used Truck Association
The Used Truck Association is an impartial organization comprised of used truck professionals and associated businesses committed to strengthening the used truck industry.
Website: uta.org