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Service Specialists Association (SSA) and Truck Frame & Axle Repair Association (TARA) are very excited to announce the first round of regional training sessions. The training sessions will cover Wheel Ends and Air Disc Brakes. Presiding over these sessions will be Roger Maye and Kevin Phost.  Both of these presenters are skilled in providing concise training on these separate but related topics.  These sessions will be interactive and hands-on for real world application in your shop.

The combined training session will last for a total of three hours.

Training sessions will be held on:

  • Tuesday, February 4th at Madison Spring in Madison, Wisconsin; hosted by Larry Schmitz.

  • Wednesday, February 5th will be held at Frame Service in Fort Wayne, Indiana; hosted by Barry Ernst.

  • Thursday, February 6th at Allied Spring and Suspension in Rochester, New York; hosted by Jodie Cresswell.

Each training session will begin at 11:00 AM, and end at 2:30 PM.

These events are designed to encourage mechanics, shop foremen & service managers located within a three-hour drive to be able to attend a session within a technician's normal day, avoiding the need for overnight accommodations.

Admission is FREE for SSA/TARA members.

We encourage members of all skill levels to attend these sessions, whether you’re new to working with Hub ends and Air Disc Brakes, or have had previous experience in these areas. 

To register, please contact Don Jones by email at truck44116@gmail.com or by phone at 440-343-1985.


Roger Maye has been employed by Consolidated Metco for 42 years serving in various positions including manufacturing and quality management, as well as National Service Manager for the last 16 years. Roger will be covering Hub ends with manual adjustment, preset hubs and unitized assemblies, as well as installation, inspection and maintenance procedures regarding different wheel ends. Roger will also cover other wheel end components such as bearings, seals, fasteners and lubrication, including failure analysis of those components.

Kevin Pfost has worked in engineering for three different companies since 1989; Eaton, Dana, and currently Bendix. Previously, Kevin was a certified heavy-duty mechanic. Kevin’s session will cover visual inspections, proper adjustment procedures, pad installation, caliper replacement, proper torqueing procedures, chamber inspection/replacement and troubleshooting of Air Disc Brake assemblies.

Both Roger and Kevin have been heavily involved with the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) for many years, including the TMC Supertech Skills Challenge.


The first set of training sessions was a great success... Be on the lookout for future training opportunities coming soon!

The first of several FREE training sessions for SSA and TARA members!