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Sep 16, 2022
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In Madden 23 Franchise mode, skill points are crucial to building a great football franchise and growing the talent of a roster. These skill points are spent on your player's attributes which give a big chunk of rating points. Not only do you get increased attributes, but also, you get to unlock abilities that will help you push your player to be the best at his current position. You will also unlock an additional Xfactor slot to help your player perform better in the game. But how do you acquire these skill points? Let's go over what you need to do. To get Skill Points, players must gain Experience Points in various ways. How much experience players gain to earn a skill point depends on their overall rating. Players with higher ratings will need more Experience Points to get even better. Higher-rated players are most likely seeing a lot of playtimes and earning more experience than lower-rated players. The first option to customize and optimize the number of Skill Points players can use comes in the weekly strategy section. A new feature on the weekly strategy page is the Player Health & Reps menu. If the team has one of the fastest linebackers to use in Madden 23, but the player isn't a starter, giving them more reps can maximize their potential. The coach can set practice intensity to full pads or half pads. Full pads provide higher XP gains but increase the chances of injury and lower fatigue recovery stats. Also, focusing on players is important to evolve the best players on the team into the best players in the league. Coaches start with three slots to choose from to focus on. The players will get a considerable boost in Experience Points each week. Development traits determine how many XP Points a player receives, with X-Factor players getting the most and Normal players earning the least. A new feature in Madden 23 franchise mode is the short on-camera conversations between the coach, players, and the media. Answering questions and delivering on the coach's words triggers extra goals that give great experience bonuses. The last method to gather XP Points and turn them into Skill Points is in the management staff area under the Team Scheme option. Changing offensive and defensive schemes won't affect games, but they will earn extra XP in weekly training. For example, if the team has one of the fastest quarterbacks to use in Madden 23, a spread offensive scheme can provide an upgrade to scrambler archetypes. Now that players have the best winning game plan to maximize the experience, gamers can start growing the football team using Skill Points. Game day will get much easier with players constantly improving using these tips in Madden 23! Was this article helpful? If you want to know more guides, feel free to browse here. What's more, you can buy mut 23 coins here, cheap and safe. Simultaneously enjoy more excellent service!
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